Indiana has a wealth of wildlife that Hoosiers enjoy and benefit from everyday, but wild animals can sometimes come into conflict with people. The Indiana Wildlife Conflicts Information Hotline can provide information on how to live with wildlife, as well as advice on how to manage conflicts with wildlife.

Hoosiers trying to cope with nuisance wildlife will be able to access a broad range of information any time of the day, any day of the year on the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website. It can also be accessed by clicking here. Nuisance wildlife conflicts outside of Indiana can be accessed by clicking here.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish & Wildlife and USDA APHIS Wildlife Services have established a partnership to offer a toll free phone number that provides the public with information on handling nuisance wildlife problems. The Hotline has information on wildlife that covers mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, Indiana Nuisance Wildlife Laws and Regulations, professional Nuisance Wildlife Control Companies (people who capture or remove nuisance animals), and Indiana Wildlife Rehabilitators (people who take care of injured or orphaned wildlife).

The Nuisance Wildlife page provides specific information on the general characteristics, food habits, distribution, reproduction, prevention and control techniques, and disease threats of many species of mammals and birds, as well as general information about snakes.

Because of the large number of raccoons and other species that cause a nuisance for landowners throughout the state, the DNR is unable to provide assistance to actually help remove the animals. The DNR does offer some solutions and advice on how to try to prevent future problems and remove wild animals that have created a problem.

This information is consistent with state and federal laws and regulations. Please check your local ordinances for any additional restrictions.


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